Think Tank.

Often the best means of improving the lives of Indiana’s incapacitated and vulnerable adults begins with authoritative studies on the issues they face. Armed with empirical evidence and clear, non-partisan analyses, Indiana’s leaders in government, academia, and business can better address the needs of that population.

CARE has already become a thought leader on issues relating to guardianship law and practice in Indiana. We believe that we can play a similar role on issues relating to our target population, bringing to bear both staff and volunteers in the fields of law, social work, medicine, and finance. CARE’s structure provides a unique opportunity for gathering diverse talents to study the issues and report our findings in a meaningful way.


CARE is uniquely situated to collaborate with other organizations in the community in these “think tank” efforts, helping to lead a collaborative community needs assessment, establish recommended priorities for action, and connect decision-makers with the relevant data and findings to help them in their own policy initiatives. In addition to the intellectual talent CARE can harness, CARE’s own experience as guardian for so many incapacitated adults can provide us with the means of gathering relevant data to help define the most important issues and guide the means of thinking through viable solutions.