H. Kennard Bennett, JD - Executive Director and Senior Counsel.  ken@indianacare.org

Michelle Niemier - Deputy Director.  michelle@indianacare.org

Jennifer Deaton - Chief Financial Officer.  jennifer@indianacare.org

Meredith Davis, MA, NCG  Director of Programs, Marketing, and Communications. meredith@indianacare.org

Allison Knox - Fiduciary Officer. allison@indianacare.org

Marc Sherman, BSW - Client Advocate.  marc@indianacare.org

Erin Robertson, BSW - Client Advocate. erin@indianacare.org

Monica DiOrio - Client Advocate. monica@indianacare.org

Sarah Niemier - Client Advocate Associate. sarah@indianacare.org

Kathy Hand - Executive Assistant. kathy@indianacare.org