Towards What the Center for At-Risk Elders Can Be.

The Center for At-Risk Elders, Inc. (CARE) seeks your support for our Onward Campaign to implement a bold four-faceted vision for what CARE can become. Up ahead we see a way to leverage our experience advocating for our clients to lead the way in tackling obstacles faced by all those striving to protect those at-risk of neglect, abuse and exploitation. 

CARE has successfully constructed a volunteer guardianship program serving hundreds of incapacitated, unbefriended adults in our community. Most of these adults have been the victims of neglect or abuse. Usually they find themselves hospitalized and in crisis when CARE is called upon to serve as their guardian.

Through its on-the-ground experience serving as guardian and its evolving expertise in the field of guardianship law and practice, the CARE inter-disciplinary team of staff and volunteers are uniquely positioned to improve the lives of thousands of other at-risk elders throughout Indiana. Its guardianship program serves as both an end in and of itself, providing a valuable community service, but also as a means of advancing the cause of quality long term care and services for the population of at-risk adults.

CARE envisions four categories of next efforts, all built upon CARE's authority and experience stemming from its work as guardian for hundreds of at-risk adults:


Justice Pursuit.

Holding perpetrators of abuse and neglect accountable for their actions through appropriate civil remedies in the courts.


Public policy

Helping to shape public policy on key issues impacting the population we serve by sharing our experiences as their guardian.


Think Tank

Collaborating with other organizations to use data drawn from our work as guardian to build scholarly works that can inform the community.


Targeted Initiatives

Focusing the attention of long term care providers on best practices through collaborative education and the implementation of care policies and procedures.